Timeless Decor and Furniture Pieces: Interior Design That Lasts

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Like in the fashion world, trends in the interior design world come and go. Of course, just like in the fashion world, there are certain pieces and decorating ideas that are timeless. Fortunately though, trends in the interior design world tend to last just a little bit longer than they do in the fashion world. These classics come back year after year and never look dated or out-of-style. Plus, these pieces can be mixed with current trends to keep your overall look updated and fresh without having to remodel entire rooms or reupholster existing larger pieces.


Furniture tends to be the largest purchases you make for each room, excluding the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, it's important that you make furniture purchases that will last you several years.

To do so, interior designers everywhere, including those big-time New York interior designers or San Francisco interior designers, recommend choosing furniture that feature clean, simple lines. This means choosing sofas that feature clean lines or tables and chairs that feature simple, clean lines. It's all about the lines!

Then, you can pair your timeless sofa or dining chairs with funky new prints on pillows or seat cushions for a fresh, unexpected twist. This is how you create a room that always seems up to date, despite the fact that you may have purchased that sofa 7 years ago. Remember, good decorating ideas aren't spur of the moment--they're planned and well thought out.

Color Balance

Timeless interior design also features a good color balance between neutrals and color trends. To do this, your large main pieces should be in neutral colors. This allows you to choose accessories in different colors and even paint your walls bright, funky colors. Remember, a gallon of paint typically costs less than $20, so it's not too expensive to replace those bright pink walls. It is, however, expensive to reupholster a bright pink sofa.

For example, your sofa could be black, white, beige or any shade of brown. These colors will work best when you change the paint in the room from turquoise blue to poppy red. Neutral colors will also hep you make your color trend of the moment pop when it comes to the accessories you've chosen.


Last but not least, remember that you need to infuse your own personality into the space. The truth is that timeless pieces and decorating ideas are simply that: ideas and concepts. Without infusing a little of your own personality, the space may feel boring and in some instances, a little dated. Good interior design works with you, not against you! So, be functional, be visually appealing, be timeless and be yourself.

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