Famous Interior Designers and Their Styles in Interior Design - Part 4

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebrity Interior Designers

Rachel Ashwell

Rachel Ashwell is popularly recognized as the owner and founder of Shabby Chic and also the host of the TV program of the same name. 'Shabby Chic' is a term that reflects Ashwell's interior design tendencies. This includes providing the home with anything from antique furnishings to new tables, sofas, rugs and lamps. She gives importance to the cosy feel and also to flowers. Ashwell always goes for a combination of creams and whites; and light pinks, sea-foam greens and blues. Several top names in the celebrity business have benefited from Ashwell's exceptional designing talents, including singer Jennifer Lopez. Madonna, Anthony Hopkins and Julia Roberts are her other star status devotees.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

The celebrity designer, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, became a house hold name in the UK after appearing in the BBC television interior design and decorating programs 'Changing Rooms' in 1996 and Home Front in 1999. In addition to his celebrity status he is also a respected interior designer whose services have been sought for design projects including work at Buckingham Palace and The Royal Albert Hall. He as also written many popular books on the subject of design and has written for the Saturday and Sunday Express on a regular bases.

Linda Barker

Linda Barker shot to fame in the UK TV series 'Changing Rooms' following her previous carrer as a set designer. She is well known for her simplistic designs which are intended to suit the tastes of a wide range of clients. She also wroth articles for populsr interior design magazines and for the weekend supplement of the Daily Express., as well as publisjhing main mainstream books on the subject.

Nina Campbell

Nina Camble started her own design business at a relatively early age and quickly gained notoriety for providing luxurious and practical d├ęcor utilizing a rich palette of colors, making her one of the most respected interior designers in the world. Campbell has gained international acclaim for her designs enabling her to work on impressive projects for The Savoy, The Queen of Denmark, and a number of private homes of the rich and famous around the world. Her work has gained her a number of prestigious awards. She is also the author of three books on the subject.

Tara Bernard

Tara Bernard is probably best known as a celebrity interior designer after first appearing on the design program 'Wow Factor' for UKTV Style, but she has proven to be a capable and award winning designer in her own right. Her approach involves the clients heavily in the design process, even to the extent that she is accompanied by her clients on shopping trips to find the necessary furniture and accessories for the project. She is a partner in an interior design consultancy called 'Target Living' along with architect Thomas Griem.

The other three articles in this series - covering 16 other famous interior decorators and designers - can be accessed via the 'Article Source' link directly below this article.

Interior Design Seasonal Decor Tips

It is a lot of fun to change your decor with the seasons. Most of us have a special decorating scheme for the holidays so why not for the seasons of the year?

For spring and summer think in terms of cooling the room down. Glass objects, lustrous vases and reflective mirrors bring a cool shimmering touch to the room. Think about removing the area rugs or using ones with lighter or brighter colors. You can find great indoor/outdoor rugs that would add the feel of a summer cottage to your space.

If you like to keep a throw on your bed or sofa for snuggling, use a lighter weight one in the warmer seasons. Look for a loose knit throw in a color that will brighten the room.

A bouquet of fresh flowers bring a visual as well as fragrant touch to the room. Challenge yourself to find a way to add a bit of floral or greenery to each room. It can be as simple as clipping branches of leaves and filling a pretty container.

As the temperature begins to drop it is time to redress the house. It does not take long to make the change. Set the tone for the room by using a richly colored area rug as the foundation for the space. Replace some of the glass objects with decorative pieces made of warm natural materials such as wood or stone. Bring your outdoor plants inside and use them to cozy up empty spaces in the room. Pay attention to the planter they are in to make sure it fits the decor of the room.

A thick warm throw in a muted color will look and feel great tossed on the sofa or bed. Who says you only can have one throw on the couch? Choose two that co-ordinate in color or have contrasting textures and fold them both over the back of your seating. Complete the look with a few pillows and you have created an interesting seating area.

Have you ever thought about having a second set of lamp shades that allows you to change the room to a warm and cozy place in the winter? Make sure you have good reading lamps but add to this one or two low light lamps that can be used alone.

Our noses tire of scents and we are no longer aware of them. Keep things fresh by changing your home fragrance to reflect the time of year. Try out a scent such as melon or tropical coconut that are available for warm weather. If you can not be at the beach at least you can trick the senses into thinking it is close by. When the days get shorter, warm your home with spicy scents such as pumpkin pie, eucalyptus or cinnamon. I like to tuck reed oil diffusers that smell like gourmet coffee into hidden spots in the homes of java addicts. They can enjoy the scent of freshly brewed coffee throughout the day.

Seasonal details can keep your home fresh and pleasing year round. Enjoy!


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