The Basic Concepts of Interior Design and Decorating

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Home decorating ideas are fun to work around. The first step is finding out who you are and what you like doing. The next steps involve the situation you are in and how you can make themes fit you. An individual, a family, a business or an office situation will reveal character. It is an entirely fascinating and rewarding subject. It is well worth the time it takes to develop themes that fit you. It will make your life well worth living. Do not make the mistake of thinking decorations are only for parties, only for the rich, and only if you have money. Home decorating ideas are for children to develop their personalities; they are for students and for any season of life. Your life can be visualized in what is around you and is a great idea for motivating you through life. Why not motivate you and those around you for the best?

First step is to find out who you are. Understand your likes and dislikes, in other words what kind of personality you are. The basic personalities are introvert and extrovert with as many combinations as there are people. Cultures, past experiences and interests all add to the concept of who you are. Basic point: you will buy from your preferences which have roots in your character.

Another step involves analyzing the situation you are in. The life style you live will of course affect your home decoration ideas. When you are home all the time, you need to make sure that your home decor is practical and useful according to your tastes. Careers take time and therefore the home needs to reflect who you are but also needs to be more maintenance and care free. Offices and businesses will reflect to other people who you are and you need to be comfortable with that.

The next step is to take into consideration where you are. Whether you own your own home or rent; travel in your own RV or travel and live in other temporary housing, take your decorating talents with you. Changing jobs frequently can be challenging or you can turn it into a great adventure. You change your likes and dislikes, but never who you really are. The important part of this concept is to find one theme that enhances who you are and make it fit where you are now.

One more step to understand the purpose of the home decorating ideas. This world is a life of stress and conflict, and your home needs to be a place of refuge for you. Ideally, home should be free from stress, but practically your home should motivate you to be the best you can be. Stress is not the issue, motivation for character is.

The last step is using home decorating ideas for motivation. Home decorating should reflect who you are and show your character. The projects, hobbies, activities you do should blend into your decor and give you the freedom to express yourself. Office decorating should reflect who you are and motivate your business to reflect the character of your business.

In other words, whatever you want to use your home or office decor for will show who you are. Enjoy the experience of becoming better than you are now. Every time you wake up, every time you enter a room, you should be comfortable. Be creative, support those who are involved in your life, and make your life count.

Tips Involving Interior Design and Decorating

Home decorating ideas are basic common sense use of a particular theme. This can be in your home, apartment, shared home, or your office. It is fascinating to use a particular theme in your business also. Integrating themes into your home decor ideas are easy with simple steps. Use your chess set as a model to make the theme blend. Work at your own pace and keep your theme goal in mind as you make changes to your decor.

First step is to find out who you are. Understand your likes and dislikes, discover your personality. Use the following words to loosely discover your personality: Imaginative, Magnetic, Contented. This article discusses the first three personalities of twelve. Learn to blend your favorite theme chess pieces and boards with these personality traits and color combinations.

Imaginative - This personality trait has an imagination not based on fact, a visionary with an emotional attraction to heroism, adventure and the mysterious. The 1865 roots for the French word romantic fits in this category for someone who entertains remote idealism, a dreamer. Find chess sets that fit this character and blend them into your home decor ideas. You would want a chess set that fits this description for you: quaint, captivating, picturesque, fascinating, exotic and even strange.
Colors: In your home decor color theme use colors to finish the drama theme effect using intense hot pink or fuchsia. Peaceful themes of this same drama theme use soft tints of rose. Neutral colors add a personal touch with contrasting romantic pink and red colors.

Magnetic - Charming personality traits have an attractive and appealing nature. This personality is charismatic. The word charming was commonly used in 1634. The chess sets in this theme would fit characteristics like intriguing, darling, delightful, pleasant, gripping, absorbing, glamorous, appealing, attractive, fascinating, captivating and definitely magnetic.
Colors: Your home decor will feature and inspire a lively and festive mood with country fields and cottage gardens. Bring outdoor colors inside for a cheerful effect. While yellows and lavender, blue and pink are included, the main theme color is a variety of garden greens. Choose a variety of green for a good effect in this theme personality.

Contented - A personality trait that is definitely comfortable and easygoing. Characteristics that fit this definition are satisfied, peaceful, resting, undisturbed, laid back and contented. The Scandinavian roots go back to 1709 when the word cozy was used commonly. This definition could be stretched from enjoying to providing physical comfort. When you find your chess set that makes you feel comfortable, peaceful and contented or if the chess set makes your home feel hospitable, pleasant, restful, soft and inviting you know you have found the perfect theme chess set.
Colors: Use home decor ideas that reflect the soothing autumn colors of soft gold and cinnamon; country colors of almond, linen white, Terra Cotta and country green; or colors that are soothing for the senses with hues of lavender and denim blue. Whatever theme you use, let your chess theme pieces blend into the decor or stand up to be noticed as a showpiece.

Basic point: You will buy from your preferences which have roots in your character. There are so many personality traits that make it great fun to pick the perfect chess set, whether it is for your home, your office, your business or a gift. Cultures, past experiences and interests all add to the concept of developing your personality.


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