Lighting Fixtures and Fittings Present the World in a Proper Light

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lighting fixtures and fittings have more of an effect on your home and your enjoyment of the time you spend there than you might realize. Proper lighting makes the difference between a harsh uninviting glare and cozy and intimate lighting. The challenge is balancing the lighting in order to have bright lights in areas that need it and lower lighting in areas that aren't going to be used as workspaces.

Lighting has many purposes other than providing light. With the correct level of light or fixtures and fittings, light can be used to create a certain atmosphere within a room, to display a certain feature or piece of art within a room, or to enhance a particular work area with extra lighting will leaving the remainder of the room bathed in a soft glow. Lighting fixtures and fittings in addition to lighting levels go a long way in setting the tone for a room.

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Soft warm lights with fixtures that look antiqued rather than modern will result in a very intimate space that is both appealing and inviting. Indirect or recessed lighting features are very effective at providing soft light within a room. Another great way to wash a room in soft light is the use of wall sconces. Lamps are another great way to provide warmer, softer lighting within a room. Lamps are also great for decorative touches Experts recommend using 3-way bulbs in lamps and dimmers and dimmer switches for the remainder of your lighting if all possible.

You want to be careful however, that you do not have too little light in areas where more lighting is needed. Dimmer switches as mentioned above will help with that as will installing tract lighting in areas where work is often done, whether this work is computer work, puzzles, models; anything that requires brighter lighting in order to achieve. Brighter lighting can be achieved through higher wattage bulbs, halogen bulbs, and fluorescents. Buying fixtures that accommodate these bulbs is important in the areas that you will be using brighter lighting.

Another thing to consider with light fixtures and fittings is energy consumption. Lighting your home accounts for a good portion of your monthly energy bill. Choosing bulbs that are Energy Star qualified will not only save money on lighting because they use less energy, they will also help you save on your cooling costs because they produce less heat.

Compare your lamps and light fixtures and fittings with others that offer the same overall look. Be sure to compare Energy Star qualified fixtures in your comparisons, keep in mind that using Energy Star qualified lighting will save you money each and every month on your electric bills. Another benefit for Energy Star bulbs is that you will not have to change them nearly as often as regular light bulbs. In fact most packages claim that their bulbs last on average 7 years.

Choosing the right fixtures and fittings for your home lighting effects so much more than the things you see, or don't see. Selecting energy efficient lighting and fixtures will have an even greater impact on your pocket book. Take care to choose lighting that will set the mood you want in your home, provide adequate lighting in project areas, and will provide a nice comfy cushion for your wallet.

Interior Design Decorating Ideas: Get Some Guidelines On How To Do Creative Interior Decorating

A lot of people when they think of interior decorating think its something that can only be done by the professional decorators. This is not the case since anyone can design their house with the right guidelines and interior design training. Some homeowners even find they make better designs than those they deem professionals in this field.

To do interior decorating does not need any educational certificate, which means you don't need to have a degree to be a creative interior designer. It's an industry that any one can get into as long as they have the passion.

When starting out in doing your own designs you should go for the simple decorations. A well designed home doesn't have to be equipped with expensive equipment and have the equipment spread all around the house. Functionality and usage is the basics of interior decorating and should be put above the beauty and aesthetic of any home you are decorating.

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Below are some guidelines to follow when decorating the interior of a home:

1. Free space: The first thing to do when redecorating a house is to free up some space and throw away old unnecessary equipment. Old sofas that are no longer in use should be stored away to open up some space.

2. Make good use of the store room and put away decorations that are not right for that season such as Christmas decorations.

3. If there are any picture frames and small figurines that are scaring people instead of amusing and exciting them remove them to clear the walls. Less is more when it comes to interior decorating.

4. Replace old carpets with new ones and if the living room doesn't have one place a nice cozy one to make the atmosphere a little more comfortable.

5. Having a beautiful clean kitchen is very important because it's the most visited part of the house. Design your kitchen in a way that it is well-lighted and paint should also bright to blend with the light. The wall color you choose should also blend with the table and chairs and not have different colors that don't match with anything.

6. You bathroom should also be beautiful like your kitchen. There should be enough space to accommodate two people at the same time and have all the necessary things required in a bathroom. And try to have two bathrooms, one for your family and a second one for visitors so they don't see your personal stuff.

Philadelphia Interior Design Firms - Interior Design in Philadelphia

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Interior designing is more of an art than a job. There are not many people who appreciate the role of an interior designer. Most of us think that hiring an interior designer is wastage of money. However if you check out the different offices and houses that are designed with the help of the interior designers then you would probably get to understand the importance of their work and the actual role they play. We can make use of the interior designers for the designing of houses, offices, or any public gathering place.

The main advantage of hiring an interior designer is that they are well aware of the different objects and gadgets that are available in the market. With the help of their knowledge and their creativity they can make a place look exotic and beautiful.

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There are a number of interior designers who are providing this service of designing offices and homes. You can make use of the internet to check out the different interior designers who are providing their service near your locality. The coming of the different software tools has made the task even simpler. There are a number of people who make use of the interior designers to check the different layouts and plans that can be worked upon to lend a new look to their place.

The interior designers in Philadelphia are considered to be the best interior designers. You can take their help to prepare three dimensional walk through and animated designs to check how your place would look after all the work gets completed. The main advantage of taking the help of the interior designers is that you can check out the designs before your work even starts. You can check the different designs that they have to offer and select the one that you find most attractive.

How to Select a Home Interior Design Firm

If you are planning on hiring the services of a professional home interior design firm, there are various considerations that would need to be analyzed before making a decision. Choosing the right expert or team will help to ensure that you end up with a style and ambience that matches your requirements perfectly.

First of all you will need to put together a short list of possibilities. There are likely to be a number of firms you could contemplate hiring that are based in your locality or region. Use the internet to draw up a list of five or six options. Spend time browsing the websites of the designers in question as this will give you some idea about their services.

It would be wise to check the design companies' portfolios of work. There should be a page on their websites which highlights past work that has been completed. Do the images show a wide range of themes and elements? It would be useful if the company had experience of the type of style and ideas that you would like to bring into reality.

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Make sure that the designers are familiar with residential projects and not just corporate work. The type of detail that would be required to create new home decor is very different from that which is required for a work space. If the companies you speak to are not so willing to show you their portfolio, you should take your custom elsewhere.

It is essential that the firm has been certified correctly. All interior designers should hold qualifications and certifications that highlight their skills and authenticity. A small amount of research into the company's background can help to sway a decision in the right direction.

Never underestimate the value of having good rapport with the design team. You need to feel that your ideas and input are listened to and valued. Suggestions should be taken seriously and not ignored. There needs to be a clear means of communication through which you can discuss your plans and how the work is progressing.

Understand that the best interior designers do not necessarily belong to large companies. It is possible to find an individual working out of their own home who can help in creating your dream home. Do not place too great an emphasis on the cost, if you were to seek out the lowest quotes, you may find that the work that is carried out falls below your expectations.

Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

By Fiona Steddy
The elements that you decide to incorporate into an old home's design and décor will depend on the actual era of the home's design. Today, "old house" can mean anything from the classic 1970s split-level ranch home, to old estates built in the 1800s. Never think that you are limited in your decorating choices because of the age of the house. There are many décor choices that work well with each old home, and one is sure to be a perfect match for your personal style and taste.

Where to start.

You have several decisions to make when you are decorating old homes. Take plenty of time to think about how you would like the house to look; this includes what upgrades that you may need to make in order to incorporate all of the decorating ideas into your home. Take into consideration that the home's electrical wiring may not be updated to safe standards. Before upgrading your modern appliances, personal electronics and new light fixtures, have the electrical system inspected to make sure that your electrical wiring can handle the full electrical load. Also have the plumbing inspected before attempting to install new water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, or upgrade bathrooms.

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 1

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 2

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 4

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 5

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 5

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 6

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 77

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 8

 Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Old Homes 9

Decorating ideas.

You can choose to decorate according to the era of the home, using vintage paint colours, fabric patterns, furnishings and accessories. A great place to get vintage ideas is from magazines and photos of historical era homes. You may opt for a vintage look combined with a modern twist, particularly for the convenience of a modern kitchen and bathroom facilities. You can also use period furniture pieces, and dress them in modern fabrics and colour schemes. Another choice is to simply choose a favourite piece of furniture, or a favourite colour and build your decorating scheme from there. Remember that if you are decorating a large home with big rooms, your major furniture pieces need to be to scale within the size of the room, and then you can accessorise with smaller pieces within the remaining space. If you intend to use furnishings and décor from a previous home, you will need to see how they look and fit in the older house. If they are to scale and the style complements the older house, then add fresh paint and fabric to match your new colour scheme to draw everything together as a coordinated whole.


Lighting will be an important part of the design of your older home, especially if you are decorating a very old house. Lighting fixtures in really old houses were few and far between, as are electrical outlets. If the home you are about to decorate does not already have upgraded lighting, you may want to put this at the top of your list of things to do. The ambience and atmosphere of your home is in many ways determined by the types of lighting you choose and how that lighting illuminates the rooms.

Interior Design Ideas To Decorate Your Home In Your Style

Monday, July 14, 2014

There are many unusual interior design ideas that you can use to make your home stand out and shine. A beautifully done-up home is no less than a personal heaven you can create out of your imagination and creativity. Even better you can do it yourself without having to hire an interior decorator and pay huge amount of money. Below are a few pointers on how you can dress up your home.

Wall Paint: Your choice of wall paint can make a drastic change in the appearance of your home. There are numerous interior design ideas that can spring out from wall paints that you can pick as per your taste. For instance if your home plays host to a lot of parties and you need to give it a glamorised makeover, then paints with metallic, shimmer and gloss effects will do the trick. If you prefer a sobered approach, then matte finish paints in your favorite colour will let you explore the most. You can even go with vivid colours to bring across your lively and cheerful quotient.

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 1

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 2

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 3

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 4

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 5

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 6

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 7

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 8

interior design ideas to decorate your home styles 9

Accessories: When it comes to accessorizing the home many a times people commit blunders. To avoid such situations accessorize you home keeping in mind a single theme. Interiors can make your home eye catching; use them in the right way. If you have chosen a bold colour theme for your wall, then subtle colour furnishings can create a balance. If your walls are light coloured you can play around with colours. From the furniture to the bed sheets there is ample scope for experimentation and customization in everything you place in your home. For getting some help on interior design ideas you can hunt for home decorating tutorials available online.

Flooring: The flooring plays a vital role in your home decor plan. Using options like tiles, wood, vinyl etc you can go in sync with your choice of theme for the flooring work. Gone are the days of grey, brown and white floors used to dominate, you can pep them and let your visitors get floored by them.

Lighting: Lights are used in every corner of the home. From its most basic use i.e. to dispel darkness to getting the cozy effect or making a cramped space look spacious; use of lights can make a major difference in the way your home looks. Using fixtures and chandeliers in different colours, shapes and designs works the best.

The interior design ideas talked about above combined with your inspiration can get your home the look you always desired. It is not always necessary to place expensive furniture pieces and accessories to give your home a distinctive appearance, even the basics used smartly can help. There is no limit to your inventiveness when designing your home.

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