The Cathartic Effect of Fountains Beyond Interior Design and Decorating

Thursday, November 15, 2012

We often search for peace and relaxation after we have wrestled with big responsibilities and exhausting tasks in the office. Most of us are looking for things or ambiance that will soothe our tired mind and body. Scientific studies show that aside from sleeping, there are several ways to calm and relax our body from stress. Are you one of those who always come home late from work and grapple with mental and physical strain? If you are, you have probably experienced staring at the office water fountains as you pass it by. It certainty makes you to stop and gaze upon it. You may never know the reason for its inducement but two things for sure, you are amazed and at the same time, appeased!

While there is a way of catharsis, many believed that water has the power to purge and cleanse our mind and our body. From the benefits of drinking it, water has therapeutic effects especially when it is flowing water. Asians especially the Chinese believe that flowing water from your indoor floor standing fountains is a lucky sign for continuous money and financial luck aside from the sanative noise it creates.

This belief has actually made a lot of people arrange fountains inside their homes not only for interior design and decorating purposes. Office water fountains may have built to correspond with this reason. Say, the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois that is built in the heart of the city surrounded with business establishments or the Bethesda Fountain, one of the world's most popular fountains as the crown jewel of New York's Central Park. These fountains and many others in the world aim to give out the benefits of nature's healing capacity.

At home, you can definitely make this ambiance possible. By building an indoor floor standing fountains in your favorite part of the house, the dream of a calm and purging environment is now in your hands. The benefit of having your own fountain at home like those office water fountains is firstly an addition to indoor decoration and to refurbish your house with the state of equilibrium.

The calmness is felt when everything at home is ruled by sense of balance. Your aim of building one at home should be well planned and prepared. Fountain will not operate without electricity which means it should be built safely. Unsafe wirings of your fountain might cause fire. You may never want your house burn caused by your fountain, right? Or it may be the most ironic accident that could happen.

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